A Haiku Each Day

Sixty-two hundred and five Syllables a year.

Archive for Insects and Spiders


Flurrying snowflakes
Swarm over a frozen stream
Like summer midges.


January thaw
Beehives send scouting parties
Searching for the spring.


Bright wings hovering
Early-rising hummingbird
Or late-night sphinx moth?

Drill Team

The last cicadas
Shrill their dry trill through treetops
Rattled by the breeze.


Tiger swallowtail
Flapping through the dappled shade
Chasing summer’s end.

Ant Farm

Ants in black armor
Patrol the hibiscus leaves
Flocks of aphids graze.


A dropped ice cream cone
One red ant, then two, then four
Suddenly – hundreds!