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Backpost III

My apologies…
I watched too much basketball
To write a haiku.


Ball Game II

A basketball game
Sneakers squeak, balls bounce and soar
Swish! Nothing but net.


Two figure skaters
Turn ice into a dance floor
Spinning on silver.

Snow Day

A coloring book
Of Hiroshige’s flowers…
Winter disappears.


The piñata stick
Used to break the crust of snow
Winter birthday bash.

For G.B.M., 9 years old.


A swooping gesture:
The hawk’s immediate stoop,
Falconer’s treasure.

For 3 Word Wednesday
gesture, immediate, treasure

After Buson

Runny nose dripping
My Solitaire cards dampened
A long night, and cold.

Inspired by a) having a cold today and b) Buson’s haiku:

Runny nose
Alone at the Go board
Long cold night.