A Haiku Each Day

Sixty-two hundred and five Syllables a year.

Cape May Haiku

Cape May, New Jersey is perhaps the best place in eastern North America for birdwatching, especially during the fall migration. These bird-oriented haiku could be hard to explain in blog posts, so I’ve corralled them here for those who are interested.

After Basho
Quick as a surprise
the first migrating falcon
over Cape May Point.

Yellow in yellow
warbler among maple leaves –
which one just fluttered?

One drab LBJ
with more gray spots than the rest –
beautiful life bird!

LBJ = “little brown job,” any small hard-to-identify sparrow-like bird.

Perspective II
Winter yellow-rump,
I’m glad to see even you
on the bare ivy.

Yellow-rumped warblers are so common at Cape May they’re almost annoying when looking for other warblers in spring and fall, but none of the fancier-feathered birds spend the winter here.

Night of the Robins
Rustling wings rushed past
blooms of plumage warmed the night
the sound filled our eyes.

One legendary night, tens of thousands of robins migrated over Cape May en masse; people still talk about it with wonder.

New Plumage
Magnolia warbler
your autumn throat is so pale –
who stole your necklace?

Magnolia Warbler in Fall

Magnolia Warbler in Fall

Magnolia Warbler in Spring

Magnolia Warbler in Spring


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