A Haiku Each Day

Sixty-two hundred and five Syllables a year.

Archive for Health

Sobriety Date III

One day at a time
Turns to one week, then one month
And, today, six years.


Hiatus II

Long days sick in bed
The noisy sparrow fledglings
Flutter in the eaves.

Sobriety Date II

Sober for five years
I have got my marbles back…
Now to play with them.

Based on the old AA saying, “It takes five years to get back your marbles, and ten years to learn to play with them again.”

Perspective IV

The first day outside
After a week sick in bed –
How sweet the cold rain!


Sober for four years:
Fourteen-hundred sixty days
One day at a time.


Cold winter evening
A man lights a cigarette
To make the bus come.

This actually “works” surprisingly often…

Perspective II

Buried in blankets
The cat never happier
Than when I’m home sick!