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Wind howls from the sea
At the closed amusement park
The Ferris wheel spins.


Backpost II, or, Why I Didn’t Post This Weekend

A blue screen of death
Vast as a tropical sea…
No haiku today.

I wrote this haiku on 2/19/2011 but, due to aforementioned BSOD, couldn’t post it then…


Winter evening sky
Teal-green at the horizon
An inverted sea.


Scenic overlook
Mountains fade into mountains
Rippled like the sea.


Slates of sea and sky
Hinge on a rose horizon
The first winter dawn.

For E.E. and H.G.


Sanderlings scurry
The line between sea and shore
Stitched up by bird tracks.


Rocky autumn beach
Pebbles rattle with each wave
The sea greets the sea.

For One Stop Poetry Wednesday