A Haiku Each Day

Sixty-two hundred and five Syllables a year.

Archive for Life and Death


Last day of winter
Dark clouds weave the season’s shroud
Mourning raindrops fall.


On a Juxtaposition Seen through a Train Window

Where the spirits mix…
Steam from a Budweiser plant
Shades an old graveyard.

9/11 II

Eleven long years
Since the world went up in flame…
Memories still burn.

Memorial Day

War memorial
An old man and his grandson
Saluting the flag.

Sobriety Date II

Sober for five years
I have got my marbles back…
Now to play with them.

Based on the old AA saying, “It takes five years to get back your marbles, and ten years to learn to play with them again.”

Veteran’s Day II

Names carved into walls
Crosses in foreign graveyards
Freedom isn’t free.


A funeral mass
Perching on the church’s door
A black butterfly.