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Sixty-two hundred and five Syllables a year.

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Sober for four years:
Fourteen-hundred sixty days
One day at a time.


Perspective II

Buried in blankets
The cat never happier
Than when I’m home sick!

After Buson II

Nose drips down my throat
Scrabble set missing the “Q”
Up late with a cold.

The Great American Smokeout

Tamped pipe tobacco
He lifts it to his nose, sniffs,
Sighs, and shakes it out.

The Great American Smokeout on November 18 encourages smokers to quit for just one day. For more information visit www.cancer.org.

After Buson

Runny nose dripping
My Solitaire cards dampened
A long night, and cold.

Inspired by a) having a cold today and b) Buson’s haiku:

Runny nose
Alone at the Go board
Long cold night.