A Haiku Each Day

Sixty-two hundred and five Syllables a year.

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Sunlight on tulips
Red with orange and yellow hearts
Chalices of fire.



Scarlet cardinal
The bright heart of a bare tree
Throbbing with a song.

Pomegranate III

One unripe white seed
In the pomegranate’s trove
Quartz among garnets.


Eclipse-reddened moon
The solstice’s bloodshot eye
Closes the old year.

The winter solstice of 2010 was marked by a full lunar eclipse; if you haven’t seen one, the moon doesn’t disappear, it turns red!


Pierced by falcon claws
Red feathers on the white snow
A cardinal sin.

Veteran’s Day

“We were soldiers once”:
Purple-hearted red poppies
Nod and bow their heads.

The first line is from A. E. Housman, “More Poems,” poem 36.


Red-coated soldier
Holding out against winter:
Last November rose.