A Haiku Each Day

Sixty-two hundred and five Syllables a year.


Layers of pink tulle
Double-flowering cherries
Flounce their underskirts.

Spring Song

Ersatz harbingers
Starlings imitate robins
Over city streets.


The first rays of dawn
Set each grass blade glittering
Dewdrops en pavé.


Urban detritus
Heaped in a small garden plot
Still – white crocuses.

Royal Icing

Another spring snow
The daffodil’s golden crown
Capped with ermine white.

Sobriety Date III

One day at a time
Turns to one week, then one month
And, today, six years.

Rite of Spring II

Sacrificial dance
Downy snowflakes whirl and fall,
Kiss the earth – and melt.

As the World Turns

Vernal equinox
Though the wind is bitter cold
Hope – spring’s eternal.


Last day of winter
Dark clouds weave the season’s shroud
Mourning raindrops fall.

Out Like a Lion

Wet snow, icy rain –
Winter’s weather quota filled
Two days before spring.