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Sixty-two hundred and five Syllables a year.

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Late March

Bright, cold, windy day
Air crisp as an icicle
Out like a lion!


Cold Morning IV

Cold day in late March
Snowflakes mingle with light rain
Indian winter.

March Madness

Two seconds to go
The ball arcs toward the basket
We all hold our breath.

I could have written a traditional holiday haiku about St. Patrick’s Day, but Temple just won their first NCAA tournament game since 2001. Go Owls!


Leaf buds on roses
As lovely a sight in March
As flowers in June.

In Like a Lion

Dark, windy March day
Bouquets of bright umbrellas
Blossom on sidewalks.


Blue blooms on purple
The tangy taste of July
Drives back the March wind.