A Haiku Each Day

Sixty-two hundred and five Syllables a year.

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Birdwatching III

Bluer than sapphire
Singing from a budding tree
Indigo bunting.



Breezy April day
Spiderlings sail by like kites
Trailing silken strings.

For J.L.


Magnolia petals
Folded over like wet boots
Line the garden path.

Sakura II

Wind through cherry trees
Fragile petals shaken loose
Drifting like pink snow.

Backpost II, or, Why I Didn’t Post This Weekend

A blue screen of death
Vast as a tropical sea…
No haiku today.

I wrote this haiku on 2/19/2011 but, due to aforementioned BSOD, couldn’t post it then…

Ball Game

Orange basketball
Sinks past the hoop’s horizon
Like a setting sun.

Windy Day II

Gusts of bitter wind
Plastic bags and paper towels
Fly like startled birds.