A Haiku Each Day

Sixty-two hundred and five Syllables a year.

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Pale pink reflections
On a blackbird’s glossy wing
Springtime cherry tree.



Pigeons bob and coo
Puff their chests and fan their tails
Wooing fickle Spring.

Thaw II

Warm winter morning
Cardinals tricked into song
Believing in spring.


Quiet winter pond
Swans sail on their reflections
Through the melting ice.

Perspective II

Buried in blankets
The cat never happier
Than when I’m home sick!

Seagull II

Gray and white seagull
With wingtips dipped in black ink
Writing on the sky.

Groundhog Day

Punxsatawney Phil
Predicts early spring this year…
It can’t come too soon!

That means he didn’t see his shadow. No sunshine during a freezing rainstorm, after all.