A Haiku Each Day

Sixty-two hundred and five Syllables a year.


January thaw
Beehives send scouting parties
Searching for the spring.



  Rick Daddario wrote @

aloha Abigail, the essence of this ku is a beauty. great observation. I like it. I also like your dedication to haiku. beautiful. write and ku on in the new year. aloha

  Abigail Parker wrote @

Thank you! I saw a honeybee perched on a sunny windowsill on a January morning and read up on their behavior. They really do send out scouts like that!

  Rick Daddario wrote @

yeah, bees are amazing, yes.

if I remember right the scouts go out any time the hive can be active, which may have something to do with temperatures??. they look for the right blossom areas. then come back to the hive where they communicate before the queen what they have found via what has been called “a dance” – which also in some way tells the worker bees how to find the blossom area and other essential info.

maybe the scouts help guide the worker bees too?? still once the queen says yes, off the workers go to gather nectar, or what ever they are after, and of course that helps the plant world in many ways too with pollination. fascinating.

I may be a little off in some of my telling. but it is an amazing world we live in and bees live in too. fun, and still an excellent observation on your part. cool and aloha.

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