A Haiku Each Day

Sixty-two hundred and five Syllables a year.

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Birch Trees

Winter tats her lace
Delicate white traceries
Birches in the snow.



Swallows dip in flight
To kiss their own reflections
On the autumn pond.


The old mockingbird
Still imitates his whistle –
How many summers?


Red-rimmed yellow eye
Seagull glaring at the sun
Daring it to blink.

Turning Leaves

Autumn polishes
Rubs off summer’s patina
Green yields to copper.

After Basho

Quick as a surprise
The first migrating falcon
Over Cape May Point.

The Basho haiku that inspired me, loosely paraphrased:

Solitary hawk
The delight of finding it
At Irago Point.


Pigeons and sparrows
Panic into whirling flocks
Pointed wings above.