A Haiku Each Day

Sixty-two hundred and five Syllables a year.

Recycling Day

Ice on the sidewalks
A discarded Christmas tree
Shelters the sparrows.



  Rick Daddario wrote @

aloha Abigail. this has many of the markings I like in haiku. excellent (imo).

  Abigail Parker wrote @

Thanks so much! I sometimes find the discarded Christmas trees a little depressing, but hearing the chirping fluttering sparrows on a cold day was really heartening.

  Rick Daddario wrote @

yeah I hear you on the discarded trees.

I’ve gone to “live” trees when possible. or now I use a limb I’ve had to trim from my strawberry guava trees. the trimming helps the tree and the leaves can fall off or adhear (and turn brown) depending on how I dry it.

with trees remaining green here throughout the year (mostly), I like seeing the branching structure of trees that occur in northern temperature zones in winter for a while in winter. so it’s a nice treat and I can still decorate it however I choose.

when I was a kid we use to string popcorn for the tree too. and then leave that on when we set the tree out so the birds would get a treat too.

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