A Haiku Each Day

Sixty-two hundred and five Syllables a year.

Author’s Note

Dear Miss Havisham:
The wedding and you – both off.
Sincerely, Charles.

For Poetry Challenge: “What the Dickens?” at Bookstains. Inspired by the novel Great Expectations.



  Rick Daddario wrote @

bwahahahahaha – have you ever explored 55 word stories? altho your haiku is written in haiku formatting, it clearly tells a story. there are other versions of 55 word stories (all utilizing a short number of words – one sentence stories being an example of another). i first learned of the genre in that number (55 words or less, yet, a story with the elements of story). that genre – as well as haiku of course fall under another category – Flash Writing. which has a now kind of market. a lot of zines use it. Flash Writing being short and (hopefully) potent. altho the story of your haiku in some ways tells of a sad human story, it also has an element of humor, being clear, succinct and to the point – get on with life…. …and on that level – fun.

  Rick Daddario wrote @

oh. p.s. sometimes flash writing is also called Nano writing i believe. Nano, being a very short unit.

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