A Haiku Each Day

Sixty-two hundred and five Syllables a year.


The chrysalis splits
Trembling fragile wings emerge
Twenty tiny wasps.

For Writer’s Island Prompt 26: Emerge



  Abigail Parker wrote @

“Eclosion” is the scientific term for the emergence of an adult insect from the pupa. I realize this is a bit grim but those little wasps are beautiful in their own way…

  Ronald Wohl wrote @

There is a Japanese tale which was told of an Englishmen who came to the eucalyptus tree that housed the precious silk worms. They had allowed some of the fated caterpillars to hatch and become butterflies so that they would be able to lay their eggs and repopulate the needed caterpillars of the next years “silk worm” crop. This Englishman observed the terrible fight the caterpillars had to free themselves from these cocoons. He began to cut these opening cocoons and freeing the butterflies. Well they fell to the ground and groveled. He felt really good and left.. His host returned and brought him back later. He was shocked to see the ones he freed were flapping their wings but not flying because the wings were still shriveled. His host showed him that the struggle to get out helps the fluid in the body to enter the veins in the wings thereby expanding the wings and taking flight. The freed butterflies will never fly, and will die in the dirt under the tree. This tale is told to parents of new children so they will never make life to easy for their children either…

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