A Haiku Each Day

Sixty-two hundred and five Syllables a year.

Pause to Reflect

A Pause to Reflect

Reflection in sand
The seagull’s tide-made mirror
Spring’s sun sets, serene.

For Haiku Heights #13

Prompt 13: Serenity

and Scenic Sunday #118
Scenic Sunday



  Leo (Leonnyes) wrote @

I like the imagery in this haiku, Abigail 🙂 its so serene.. the gull’s mirror.. amazing!

Welcome back to Haiku Heights 😀 I think I invited you back and u joined at the same instant 🙂

  Gemma@Greyscale wrote @

There is a sweet music in this lovely, calming haiku! Enchanting photo!

  Ramesh Sood wrote @

I am happy to be here on your page..its lovely..
Thank you very much for your emboldening comment… It helps..

  Cheryl wrote @

Beautiful haiku and photo. Ocean always brings serenity.

Mine’s here.

  Nanka wrote @

Real serene atmosphere created here…

  Rumya wrote @

Great imagery reflecting a good haiku!! 🙂

  gospelwriter wrote @

What a lovely picture of serenity, the words no less than the photo. Thank you!

  Sumit Sarkar wrote @

what a beauty… 🙂

  Isha wrote @

Sounds like a perfect calm.
I like this haiku, it gives a good image with only a few short words. 🙂

Thanks for visiting btw.
I love your blog, ill definitely be back 🙂

  Carlos Gesmundo wrote @

Such peaceful images.

Best wishes.


  Teresa wrote @

Beautiful haiku, and the picture fits it perfectly.

Mine is here: http://razzamadazzle.wordpress.com

  Lost in thoughts wrote @

Mirror & serenity…Nice connection!

  Abigail Parker wrote @

Thanks so much, everyone! I appreciate your visits and am so glad you enjoyed this haiku and photograph. It’s encouragement like this that makes me keep writing! 🙂

  Jingle wrote @


  Amity wrote @

beuatiful imagery Pat! am lovin’ it! 😉

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